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The history of Vander Ploeg Bakery goes way back to 1847 but back then we were know as Pella Bakery and Grocery store. It wasn't until early 1900's when the name changed to Vander Ploeg's Bakery and was owned by Jan Vander Ploeg. The bakery stayed in the Vander Ploeg family until 1980 when Gerrit and Marcie Vander Beek purchased it from Bud and Mark Vander Ploeg. Over the next 26 years they continued using all the Dutch recipes that were handed down to them. In 2006 Jeff and Rhonda Wichhart purchased the bakery and are the current owners. They continully strive to use the old recipes along with adding new pastries along the way. We have recently remodeled the front of the bakery with a new look so, we invite you to stop in and enjoy our new look and purchase your favorite bakery items.

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